Santa Cruz Low-cost UAV GNC System
The SLUGS AP offers full Simulink integration. This allows the control engineer to focus on control design and not in embedded systems implementation. It harnesses all the ease of use and intuitiveness of Simulink's model-based design and allows easy implementation of control systems by simply dragging blocks from the Simulink library. Implementing a PID controller is as simple as dragging several blocks and connecting them. This is achieved by using The Real Time Workshop, the Embedded Coder and Lubin Kerhuel's dsPIC blockset. Although currently not used, the SLUGS AP is also capable of making use of Simulink Fixed Point, Stateflow Coder and many other Mathworks tools.

So far the sensor drivers, attitude estimation, inter-processor communication (from Sensor MCU to Control MCU), the communications protocol and straight line waypoint navigation has been fully flight tested.